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  • Shashi Tharoor

    Author, India

    Dr Shashi Tharoor is a third-term Member of Parliament for Thiruvananthapuram and a bestselling author.

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  • Shinjini Kumar

    Entrepreneur & Author, India

    Shinjini Kumar is one of India’s leading businesswomen in the fields of banking and finance. She has recently co-founded Salt, a start-up which seeks to make it easier for women to access and use financial products. She also writes short stories “because there is always something quirky somewhere that needs expression”.

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  • Shiv Visvanathan

    Professor & Social Anthropologist, India

    Shiv Visvanathan is an Indian public intellectual and social scientist best known for the concept of cognitive justice, a term he coined. He is currently Professor at Jindal Global Law School, Sonipat and Director, Centre for the Study of Knowledge Systems, O.P Jindal Global University.

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  • Shivraj Waichal

    Painter, Actor & Director, India

    Shivraj Waichal is a trained painter, who has ventured into theatre, and cinema, with multiple acting and directing credits to his name.

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  • Shobha Tharoor Srinivasan

    Author, Poet & Translator, USA

    Shobha Tharoor Srinivasan is a children’s author, poet, translator, and voice-over professional. She has published children’s books in India and the United States. 

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  • Shobha Viswanath

    Publisher, India

    Shobha Viswanath is co-founder and Publishing Director of Karadi Tales Company, a successful path-breaking venture of audio and picture books of Indian tales and stories for children,  illustrated, recited and sung by leading Indian artistes. Her work has been towards establishing Indian culture in the field of publishing for children. 

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  • Shruthi Rao

    Author, USA

    Shruthi Rao has written 12 books for children, both fiction and nonfiction. 

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  • Shubhrastha

    Journalist & Author, India

    Shubhrastha is a noted columnist and appears regularly on Indian television panels. She has a keen interest in the political developments in India, with particular expertise on the Northeast. She is the founder of the news and  media website Churn.

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  • Siddharth Dhanvant Shanghvi

    Author, India

    Siddharth Dhanvant Shanghvi is an award-winning author based in Goa. His debut novel was an international best seller, which won many awards and was translated into 16 languages. His first non-fiction publication is a book of essays on bereavement, grief and healing.

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  • Sonal Shah

    Writer & Editor, India

    Sonal Shah is a writer and editor based in New Delhi. She writes on a wide range of subjects including literature, language, the arts, the city,  travel and food and drink, for numerous publications. 

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  • Sonia Faleiro

    Journalist & Author, United Kingdom

    Sonia Faleiro is a noted writer of narrative non-fiction. Her latest book in this genre The Good Girls: An Ordinary Killing was published in 2021. She also writes for leading international newspapers, journals, and literary magazines.  

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  • Sooni Taraporevala

    Photographer, Screenwriter & Film-maker, India

    Sooni Taraporevala is a photographer, screenwriter and filmmaker, best known for her screenplays of the Oscar‐nominated Salaam Bombay and the internationally acclaimed Mississippi Masala. She has written and directed the Netflix Original feature film Yeh Ballet. Her photographs are in the permanent collections of NGMA, New Delhi and the Met, New York. She has been awarded the civilian honour Padma Shri by the Government of India. She is a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences.

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  • Steven Pinker

    Cognitive Psychologist & Writer, USA

    Steven Pinker is a professor of Psychology at Harvard University and a popular writer on language, mind and human nature. His latest book Rationality: What It Is, Why It Seems Scarce, Why It Matters was published in September 2021

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  • Sudipta Sarangi

    Professor & Author, USA

    Sudipta Sarangi is Professor and Department Head of Economics at Virginia Tech, USA. His research interests range from network theory, experimental and behavioural economics, to development economics. His recent book The Economics of Small Things explains economics using everyday phenomena. 

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  • Sumana Ramanan

    Journalist, India

    Sumana Ramanan is an independent journalist whose work has appeared in leading publications. She has been an editor with Economic & Political Weekly, Hindustan Times and Scroll.inBefore that, she was a correspondent for several years, and has reported from Germany and Israel-Palestine. She is an avid student of Hindustani vocal music. She is working on her first book, a work of narrative non-fiction.

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  • Sunil Shanbag

    Theatre Director, India

    Sunil Shanbag is a  theatre director and artistic director. He is a recipient of the Sangeet Natak Akademi Award, the highest national recognition in India for practising artistes.

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  • Suprabha Seshan

    Conservationist & Environmentalist, India

    Suprabha Seshan is a rainforest conservationist and environmental educator.  She lives and works in the Gurukula Botanical Sanctuary, a forest garden and conservation centre in Wayanad, Kerala. She is a winner of the Whitley award, the UK’s top environment prize also known as the Green Oscars.

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  • Supriya Nair

    Journalist & Editor, India

    Supriya Nair is a journalist and editor from Mumbai. She is the co-founder of the new media company All Things Small and the publication Fifty Two.

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