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  • Ranjit Hoskote

    Poet, Essayist & Curator, India

    Ranjit Hoskote is a poet, essayist and curator based in Mumbai. He has published seven collections of poetry which have been translated into several languages including Hindi, Marathi, Swedish and Arabic.

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  • Rashmi Palkhivala

    Writer & Teacher, India

    Rashmi Palkhivala is a teacher of English who has written plays and text books for children. 

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  • Ravi Subramanian

    Author, India

    He is the award winning author of ten bestselling books. His first book, ​If God was a Banker won him the Golden Quill readers choice award in 2008.

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  • Rebecca Solnit

    Writer, Historian & Activist, USA

    Rebecca Solnit is a leading writer, historian, and activist, and  the author of more than twenty books on feminism, western and urban history, popular power, social change and insurrection.

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  • Ruchira Chaudhary

    Corporate Coach & Business Lecturer, India

    Ruchira Chaudhary straddles the corporate and academic worlds: she is an executive coach, on which she has written a book; adjunct faculty at several top tier business schools, and runs a boutique consulting firm focused on organizational strategy solutions. 

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  • Rupangi Sharma

    Author, Editor, & Educationist, India

    Rupangi Sharma  is an author, editor, and an educationist. She is Founder & CEO of EFG Learning | Education for Growth. 

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  • Ruskin Bond

    Author, India

    Ruskin Bond is one of India’s most cherished authors. He has written close to 100 books across genres for children and adults. He has received two Indian national awards the Padma Shri and the Padma Bhushan and has been conferred the Delhi government’s Lifetime Achievement Award.

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  • Rutger Bregman

    Historian & Author, Netherlands

    Rutger Bregman  is a historian and author. He writes extensively on history, philosophy, and economics. His books Humankind and Utopia for Realists were both international bestsellers and have been translated into more than 40 languages

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  • Sabika Abbas Naqvi

    Performance poet, India

    Sabika Abbas Naqvi is a Performance poet, and Founder of Sar-e-rahguzar: Poetry on the streets. She is an alternative educator, working on gender and minority rights, advocacy, and inclusive curriculum design.

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  • Salil Tripathi

    Author & Journalist, USA

    Salil Tripathi is on the board of PEN International and senior advisor at the Institute for Human Rights and Business. He is an award winning journalist whose articles have appeared in many international publications.

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  • Salman Rushdie

    Author, USA/United Kingdom

    Salman Rushdie shot to fame in 1981 when his pioneering book Midnight’s Children won the Booker Prize. He has since gone on to become a multi-award winning author, honoured in many countries, with 14 novels, a book of stories and five non-fiction works. His books have been translated into 40 languages. He received a Knighthood in 2007. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature and the American Academy of Arts and Letters, an Honorary  Professor in the Humanities at M.I.T, and a Distinguished Writer in Residence at New York University.

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  • Samita Shah

    Corporate Leader, India

    Samita Shah is Vice President, Corporate Finance, Treasury & Risk Management for Tata Steel

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  • Sandeep Raina

    Author, United Kingdom

    Sandeep Raina was born and raised in Kashmir, where he graduated as an engineer. He has spent much of his life in Delhi, Istanbul and London. His short stories have appeared in mainstream publications in India and internationally, mostly referencing Kashmir, as does his recent debut novel

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  • Sandip Roy

    Writer, Columnist & Radio host, India

    Sandip Roy is a writer and columnist whose work has appeared in many Indian and international publications. He airs a weekly dispatch from Kolkata for public radio in San Francisco.

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  • Sanjena Sathian

    Journalist & Author, USA

    Sanjena Sathian has worked as a journalist in San Francisco and Mumbai. Her debut novel Gold Diggers, published in 2021, is being adapted into a television series.

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  • Sapan Saran

    Poet, Writer & Director, India

    Sapan Saran is a poet, writer, and director, and co-founder of a theatre company.

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  • Shabnam Minwalla

    Author, India

    Shabnam Minwalla is a popular children’s author. She also writes for several Indian newspapers.  Her short stories are included in several anthologies.

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  • Shalini Puri

    Professor, USA

    Shalini Puri is Professor of English at the University of Pittsburgh. Her work spans postcolonial, Caribbean, gender, and memory studies; indentureship, slavery, and incarceration; environmental humanities, and social movements. She has written two books and co-edited several. 

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