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Thursday, November 18th to Sunday, November 21st 2021

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Verses From Within

  • Friday, 19th Nov
  • 12:30 pm - 1:15 pm IST

This session explores poetry as a form of social commentary on issues that affect the everyday life of human beings. This form of expression is all about the cultural spaces which they inhabit and how they are subtly bringing about social reform around them by addressing issues of patriarchy, public spaces, languages, traditions and development through their poetry.


Ali Abdollahi

Ali Abdollahi, prolific poet and translator, was born in Birjand, Iran. He is a gifted translator of German in which language he has also published an anthology of poems. He has published seven collections of poetry,  translated more than ninety books on literature and philosophy, and published collections of ancient Egyptian poetry, ancient Indian poetry, contemporary Japanese poetry and Lithuanian poetry.

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Sabika Abbas Naqvi

Sabika Abbas Naqvi is a Performance poet, and Founder of Sar-e-rahguzar: Poetry on the streets. She is an alternative educator, working on gender and minority rights, advocacy, and inclusive curriculum design.

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Vasantha Surya

Vasantha Surya is an eminent translator between English and Tamil. She has written a novel for children which has been published in both English and Tamil. An articulate social commentator, she has written extensively on social change and education for major Indian publications.

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