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Love You (in Marathi)

  • Thursday, 18th Nov
  • 6:00 pm - 7:15 pm IST

Julian’s parents are getting divorced. This rattles his idea of love. Does adult love pass as quickly as the love for lemon-flavoured ice-cream or chestnuts or a guinea pig? He is quite sure that he loves Lia and will always love her: “Love you.” “Love you not,” says Lia. Who loves whom – and why, to be honest? What does love mean, and how does it work at present? And what is the difference between “I love you” and “Love you”? And what is the opposite of love?

Twelve-year-old Julian and eleven-year-old Lia face the small but important differences and also the big questions about love and its impermanence. And they let all the loved ones, even those almost forgotten, have their say, they put themselves in the shoes of the living and the dead, of the dancing grandparents and the arguing parents, and even in the shoes of loved ones in the future. In this way, the children condense their love into an eventful story and simultaneously win for themselves important moments of their own lives.

Are those that we love the ones who change our view of the world – and how does a new loved one deal with it? In the end, Julian knows at least one thing for sure: For him, there is only one love that lasts forever, even after death.

The performance will be followed by a discussion about translating from German to Marathi with the cast and director, Sunil Shanbag, Mrunmayee Shivapurkar, and Jayashree Joshi.

Cast & Credits:

Name of the Group: Goethe Institut & Tamaasha Theatre

Cast: Parna Pethe, Shivraj Waichal

Written by: Kristo Šagor

Translated by: Mrunmayee Shivapurkar

Movement: Maithily Bupatkar

Music: Varun Dhabe

Directed by: Sapan Saran

Poster Design: Nikita Vaidya

Production Support: Swapnil Ware, Sarthak Chaskar

Many thanks to Harkat Studios

A Tamaasha Theatre Production

Running Time: 60 mins

Age suitability: 10+

Language: Marathi

Genre: Theatre – Performed Reading

The Group:

Tamaasha Theatre, set up in 2014, has worked extensively on performance making, exploring and extending alternative performance spaces, and supporting the theatre ecosystem in Mumbai. Studio Tamaasha, an intimate performance space run by Tamaasha Theatre, is a pioneering experiment in running a curated mixed performance space, which encourages diverse audiences to engage with process and outcome with artists.

The Playwright:
Playwright – Kristo Šagor studied linguistics as well as literature and theatre studies at the Free University of Berlin. He writes and stages plays, and composes his own stage arrangements for existing works. He has received numerous awards for his plays for children and young adults. Translator Mrunmayee Shivapurkar has done Masters in German, she teaches German at Pune. She regularly translates fiction and theatre texts from German into Marathi and is a theatre artist as well.​
Director – Sapan Saran is a poet, writer, and director based in Mumbai. She is the co-founder of the theatre company, Tamaasha Theatre. Tamaasha looks to engage with a wide definition of theatre and the arts, and explore new texts, ideas, talent, and a deeper connect with audiences.



Jayashree Hari Joshi

Jayashree Joshi is an essayist , author, poet, and translator who is proficient in Marathi, German, English, Hindi, Sanskrit.

More Info

Sunil Shanbag

Sunil Shanbag is a  theatre director and artistic director. He is a recipient of the Sangeet Natak Akademi Award, the highest national recognition in India for practising artistes.

More Info

Parna Pethe

Parna Pethe  is an actor and creator who has worked predominantly for Marathi stage and theatre. She has also appeared in several films.

More Info

Shivraj Waichal

Shivraj Waichal is a trained painter, who has ventured into theatre, and cinema, with multiple acting and directing credits to his name.

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Mrunmayee Shivapurkar

Mrunmayee Shivapurkar translates fiction and theatre texts from German into Marathi and is a theatre artist as well. 

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Sapan Saran

Sapan Saran is a poet, writer, and director, and co-founder of a theatre company.

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Goethe Institut Max Mueller Bhavan



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